Butterfly Strong ~ An Energy Connection
provides tools and awareness that  helps
you understand who you really are, how
to enjoy a oneness within by accepting &
loving yourself unconditional, how to
correct belief patterns that donít work and
how to connect with Universal Energy that
is the life force of all beings.
Next Event Melbourne
Friday 1st Nov 2013  7:30pm or
Monday 4th Nov 2013 7:30pm
per person
"Our Intriguing Universe"
These nights are all about understanding
other connections with our Universe.
Next Event Melbourne
Mon 18 Nov 2013  7:30pm or
Fri 25 Nov 2013 7:30pm
per person
"Joshua" are a group of non-physical beings coming forth  through Karl who is able to raise his vibrational frequency and then becomes a conductor of their energy and
eternal message.
Next Events: Melbourne
Monday 28th Oct at 7.30pm
per person
Next Event: Melbourne 
Monday 11th Nov  2013 ~ 7.30pm
This is an advance group workshop for those who have
been through our personal alignment programs and who
are now connecting at a higher vibrational level.
Next Event: Melbourne 
Monday 11th Nov  2013 ~ 7.30pm
per person
"Coded Alignment Affirmations"
Box set of cards coming soon.
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