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Because there are so many different aspects to what we can do and help you achieve on your own personal journey it has taken us awhile to find the best balance of words to describe what we do but we now feel very aligned with all that we offer through Karl's consultations and workshops.

Just like each person has their own individual ideas & understanding of who they really are and their connection to spirit, the same applies to the fact there is much more than just one method that can help you tap into who you really are & connect you with spirit! Together, we have a unique blend of being able to combine many different Spiritual Modalities to offer you the very best spirit connection and energy alignment you require.

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Sending love to you all ~ Claire & Karl
Let us introduce ourselves!
We are Karl & Claire Camden-Burch, two people who together, are able to
tap into numerous spiritual levels of understanding for those seeking
higher knowledge.
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