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Butterfly Strong ~ A connection with Eternal Source Energy!

Who's Course are you on?!! Are you ready to take flight?! ~ Interesting questions!

Who is Butterfly Strong and what does that mean to you?

The name Butterfly Strong came from a point in my life where I found myself in a situation I didn't think I would ever be in! Through that pain I wanted to reach out and help others as I realised this was a time in my life when I needed to cocoon and go within. I needed to get in touch with who I really was!!

How do we get in touch with who we really are?! What do we need to do?

Like the caterpillar cocooning its self and changing from within so does Eternal Source Energy change us from within. Eternal Source Energy is available to everyone!

Eternal Source Energy is the reason the caterpillar knows how to turn into the Butterfly!

The Butterfly inside the cocoon pushes against the walls to gain strength in its wings before it can fly! I knew that we too needed to find that inner strength to really let ourselves become who we really want to be!! We need to let the Beautiful Butterfly within fly!!

So the idea of Butterfly Strong! Who's course are you on?! was born!

Butterfly Strong is now designed to help you connect with Eternal Source Energy! To learn all about who you really are and how the Law of Attraction works in your life!! Group workshops & Personal Consultations available! Please contact us on or 0468 311 803

The name behind the face of Butterfly Strong is Claire Camden-Burch
Claire is an intuitive life guide who loves to write, create and inspire people through positive life affirmations and teaching people the art of asking. Claire runs an energy alignment business called Butterfly Strong with her husband Karl where they offer unique healing techniques. They also run Energy Rising Retreats Australia which involves a weekend away where you experience unity consciousness, aligned healing, quiet relaxation and the beauty of nature.  Claire has also written her first book with Karl called Joshua Lyntton Adventures in Alignment. Claire lives in Melbourne with Karl and together they have numerous grown up children and amazing beautiful grandchildren. They look forward to one day owning and running their own retreat and healing centre.

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